Sogimut Group has always chosen to work and collaborate with historical and excellent companies in the mechanical field.
TDG Clamping Solutions, a Spanish company with over 100 years of history in the field of large clamping equipment, TESA Technology, with over 80 years of Swiss experience in the field of high-precision measuring instruments, TOS Svitavy Czech company with over 70 years of experience in the field of IUS and IUG type self-centering chucks, TAPMATIC, American company that since 1952 produces high quality tapping accessories with over 30 patents worldwide, EROGLU Turkish company with German production that since 1978 produces highest quality in Clamping technology.

These are just some of the companies we’ve been working with for over 30 years.
We are convinced that the union really makes the strength, that’s why we always collaborate with the most important companies of Metalworking sector.

Sogimut History


The company in the metalworking sector was founded in 1955. Let’s take a step back.
Gianni Pastorino, the founder of Sogimut Srl, began his work in 1947. e immediately entered the post-war engineering industry working in the purchasing department for two important foundries in Milan. After a few years in 1955, he decided to buy in Milan near the area Greco Pirelli, lots of building land to establish Commetal, a company that selling metals, tools, machine tools and forklifts truck. It will be only in the 80s that the company Commetal will give way to two new companies: Sogimut Srl specialized in mechanical tools and Pastorino Srl, specialized in the marketing of lifts truck. 2006 marks the third milestone with the third generation of the Pastorino family, which leads the company to move with a Group philosophy. It was in the early ’80s that two new companies originated from Commetal: Sogimut Srl dedicated to mechanical tools, and Pastorino Srl specialized in the marketing of lifts truck, leader in its sector for over 40 years. 2006 marks the new entry of the third generation of the Pastorino family in Sogimut, with a renewed Group philosophy.

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Sogimut is located in the Greco Pirelli area, in the northern area of Milan, 7 km from the centre. Getting to us is very simple, we can be reached by all transport and the nearest metro stop is the Lilla line stop Ca’ Granda. Or by car, direction City Centre.
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Sogimut Partners


“Expanding a commercial network is decisive for the success of a business, that’s why we are always seeking new opportunities for business partnerships”.
Among the most important partnerships, we include 3 historical companies, unique in their sector: OMAP, TDG Clamping Solutions and TESA Technology. Three different realities in the field of mechanics thanks to which we have expanded our opportunities and knowledge, with the realization of new projects and the opening to new markets. Among the important new acquisitions, the Bolognese company Dogra becomes DOGRA ITALIA, a new challenge for the Sogimut Group. Soon, all the news of this important new project!
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