The new SOGIMUT catalog has reached its 26th edition and has been renewed in design, logo and greater ease of consultation!

+ of 7,000 items
+ of 6,000 items in stock
+ of 1,000 new proposals for automatic chucks 
Custom design of clamping systems
Easier consultation and division of brands by price ranges

Sogimut 2023 is waiting for you!

A real working tool that you can use both in digital format, by downloading it from our website in the news section, either in printed format, requesting it at our team or our sales force.

The catalogue consists of two main parts:

  • first part with the trademarks Sogimut and our flagship evergreen products, the self-centering chucks made in Italy with Fial, Wessel & the Holson range, all divided by price classes (top class, competitive class and economy) and the shipping times;
  • second part, with the brands in partnership and distributed in Italy, with new trademarks additions such as TDG Clamping Solutions in the production of large clamping equipment both standard and custom, PML-PAL with the proposal of high precision pneumatic chucks also for applications in robotics and Pinzbohr, with proposals for large boring systems.

With the 2023 catalogue, Sogimut offers a wider range of clamping solutions and measuring instruments, with carefully selected brands and high quality products.

The new catalogue SOGIMUT N.26 is available from January 2023

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Stay Tuned, Stay Chuck.

Sogimut team

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