Tool holder spindles, angle heads, live tool holders

The tool holder spindles, the angular heads and the live tool holders are suitable for milling, tapping and turning operations.

High-quality innovative products, of European production, ensure high precision on the latest generation milling and tapping machining centers. Selecting the products by SOGIMUT is a choice that guarantees durability, reliability and perfect performance over the years.

Porta utensili

Possibility of customization.

SOGIMUT offers a customized service on a wide range of products. This is possible thanks to an agreement with our main supplier who carries out in its workshop in Germany the required changes on standard products and on drawing.


  • Manual and automatic self-centering chucks

  • Standard and special interposition flanges

  • Jaw-boxes

  • Tool holders and live tool holders

  • Self-locking spindles

  • Manual and automatic 4-jaw independent chucks

  • Electromechanical and hydraulic tool turrets

  • Fixed and rotating tailstocks

  • Modular vices, self-centering vices

  • Manual and pneumatic rotary tables, dividing heads

  • Technological measuring instruments

  • Drills, reamers, taps, dies, toolbits

  • Turning tools, carbide inserts