Technological measuring instruments

SOGIMUT distributes the Tesa Technology brand, world leaders in high-quality measuring instruments since 1941. Tesa Technology‘s production and headquarters are in Switzerland. The instruments of this company, from the classic bench-top instrument (caliper, comparator, feeler, micrometer) to the manual or motorized vertical meter, are made to measure products that need accurate control. A choice with a very high precision and reliability rate.


  • Manual and automatic self-centering chucks

  • Standard and special interposition flanges

  • Jaw-boxes

  • Tool holders and live tool holders

  • Self-locking spindles

  • Manual and automatic 4-jaw independent chucks

  • Electromechanical and hydraulic tool turrets

  • Fixed and rotating tailstocks

  • Modular vices, self-centering vices

  • Manual and pneumatic rotary tables, dividing heads

  • Technological measuring instruments

  • Drills, reamers, taps, dies, toolbits

  • Turning tools, carbide inserts