Self-centering hydraulic and pneumatic chucks for turning rings,
Cylinders hydraulic,
Automatic platform chuck framework and ultrathin self-centering for pipes,
Self-centering G.D. FIAL steel and cast iron G.S.
Chuck Combi and large diameters
Simple guide chuck cast WESSEL, HOLSON
and spare parts
Chuck standard double and simple guide KROSS spare parts, back plates.
Independent FIAL WESSEL HOLSON platforms and to
4 saw independent steel and iron G.S.,
Spare parts TdeG steel chucks platforms and heavy-ones
with saw boxes and face plates.
Dividing heads and tables HOLSON pneumatic table ckuckus on a swivel base.
Toolposts RAPID PLUS and spare parts
Tailstock live centers and FIAL HOLSON, and assortments face drivers.
Keyless drillchucks FIAL HOLSON chucks JACOBS and reduction silvers.
Live tools BENZ angle heads.
Head for boring,
spindle tooling high clamping VERTEX
Boring Kit PINZBOHR extension tool,
Kkits tap clutch chucks for tapping ER collets and collet chucks CNC tool holders.
Vices HOLSON accessories: MULTIFIX,
Vice automatic self-centering chuck,
Cubic Precision clamping elements,
Gground parellels grinding machine and vice steel bench vice.
Cool tubofl-line maintenance facilities,
Refractometers and shaper punches lifting elements,
Magnetic plates.
Chucks/spare parts TOS
Chucks/spare parts ROTOR CHUCK
Independent chucks/back plates ROTOR CHUCK
Live centers SKODA
Measuring instruments STANDARDGAGE